Interactive: Web design & development, web strategy, web applications, mobile web development, e-mail campaigns, search marketing, intranets.

Emerging Media: Social networking, social media, mobile devices, texting, blogging, mob-blogging.

Custom Stuff: Anything you can think of translated to the web.


I'll shoot you straight
I might tell you things you don't want to hear about your own business — and I'll own up to my own mistakes as well.

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I won't feed you crap
You're hiring me for my creative expertise and opinion and should expect nothing less.

I'll push you to improve
I'm constantly researching, testing and developing ways to improve my business, and will do the same for yours.


Bryan R. Van Devender - Chief Executive Man

Bryan R. Van Devender
Man behind the curtain

Folks Like You


ShoalsFringe hired What?Now to develop a web interface strategy for promoting the arts, including a blog, streaming audio and full mobile access.


Can You Say Geronimo hired What?Now to develop a unique, e-commerce store for the sale of custom art apparel, including a blog and interactive photo gallery.

Barclay Enterprises

Barclay Enterprises hired What?Now to design a new web presence for a more efficient method of communication with suppliers.


LiftsRUs hired What?Now to develop a fully customizable suite of website templates for use in reselling to their customers.

What You Should Know

I'm not scared. Here's the information you really want, but that other agencies are usually afraid to tell you.

My Costs:

Ballpark figures for common projects:


Web application:

Mobile application:

Consulting / retainer:
$500–$1,500 per month

Marketing by the slice:

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